Specialized in DevOps, Test Automation Frameworks

At Cybertek Solutions, accelerated delivery and continuous quality are the main focus for many of our clients and we focus our practices on staffing highly-successful and well-rounded Test Automation Engineers, that are highly technical developers, but have a passion for DevOps, continuous integration, and test automation.

Known as the secret ingredient to successful DevOps practices and to achieve Continuous Integration (CI) excellence, Test Automation improves quality, extends coverage, speeds development, reduces costs, and saves man hours. At Cybertek Solutions, our mission is for all teams to be practicing continuous integration (CI) excellence and continue to blur DevOps and Test Automation to enable faster feedback from testing and integrating code. DevOps is designed to enable a culture where development and operations come together to build, test and deploy applications in order to reduce overall deployment time. With DevOps, quality becomes everyone’s concern. Getting test automation right is one of the strongest indicators that you are a mature DevOps or agile operation and that you will be successful.


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